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Complaint to the NZ Human Rights Commission

November 7, 2013

Let’s see what the Human Rights Commission make of this. It occurred to me today that the nullification of one’s democratic vote is actually quite a serious thing.

I am complaining because I believe I have been discriminated against because of my:

Political opinion

What happened?

I cast my party vote legally and intentionally for the Conservative Party of New Zealand at the 2011 general election. The NZ electoral system, specifically the “threshold” rule took away my vote along with 59,237 other votes for the Conservative party. My opinion, collectively with other Conservative voters, should have entitled me to 3 representatives in the 120 member New Zealand Parliament. New Zealand Government legislation denied me this representation of my political opinion.

How has this affected you?

My political opinion has no expression in the New Zealand democratic parliament.

What kind of solution would you like?

Lowering of the electoral threshold to allow representation of opinions that would see 1 list seat in the 120 seat parliament, or 0.83% of votes cast.