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Remembering an EQC re-assessment

February 24, 2012

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Our experience of an EQC re-assessment (EQC assessed as 46k, AMI 184k). We showed the assessor rippled wallpaper in a corner as the wall had sunk. He said that was subsidence and denied it was earthquake damage. We showed him the cracks in the ring foundation and his favorite word was “pre-existing”. We showed him how the bolt for our gate was now 50mm below the corresponding hole in the boundary fence. He flat out denied that our house had sunk (170mm fall on deck towards the house), and asked us to get a engineers report at our expense. He stated that if they re-levelled the house, they would not bother to ensure that the guttering functioned properly, as that was not quake damaged. We asked him twice to use his laser level to take a front to back level difference on the house, we had moved furniture so he could get a clear shot. He refused, saying he would just write >50mm.