Games for windows live 0x80151911 error

Apparently 0x80151911 error code relates to MTU problems. With this info I was able to use the “netsh interface ipv4 show subinterfaces” command in an admin cmd shell to show me that my MTU setting was 1300. I have the Cisco VPN software installed and apparently this sets your MTU to 1300 from the default 1500. Also I think windows live requires >1300 MTU.

I then was able to use regedt32 to set MTU to the same value as my ADSL router, 1454.  The default value 1500 would probably work fine as well. It was necessary to modify the registry because the 1300 MTU setting would return on every restart. The registry key involved is as below, where {ID} is the ID of the network connection:


With this MTU setting all is well, and I did not need to open any ports on my router, UPnP enabled there seems to be enough.


2 Responses to “Games for windows live 0x80151911 error”

  1. Nice Post Says:

    Nice Post…

    […]Games for windows live 0×80151911 error « Venoozoid[…]…

  2. Nicolás Palacios Says:

    Thanks! That fixed my GFWL problem. It wasn’t connecting until I changed both the router’s mtu AND the registry mtu. Most forums mentioned only the router’s mtu and never mentioned the registry.

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