Canterbury Earthquake Land Damage Report

The Tonkin & Taylor report can be found here.

Collected snippets, as it applies to our household:

The least disruptive and fastest option would be for councils to allow rebuilding on the land with no ground improvements other than bringing the land back to a condition comparable with that existing prior to the earthquake event. This rebuilding on unimproved ground is likely to meet building code requirements for the no land damage to major land damage category.


In general, this land repair would be limited to filling cracks and re-compacting the surface, as well as bringing the land back up to the pre-earthquake level wherever practical. For this option the cost of repairs would be significantly lower than the value of the land, and would form the basis for EQC compensation and would allow re-establishment of the entire community to the state it was in before the earthquake.

Severe Building Damage: >$100,000 Repair Cost,  Buildings out of level, twisted, broken through hogging or dishing, differential settlement generally more than 50 mm, stretched more than 20 mm.

In our case, we have measured a 50mm vertical drop from boundary fence to house. A 140mm drop over 5m on deck. A 30mm drop over 3m inside. I estimate we are in the moderate to severe range.


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