Freeview HD Channels in Christchurch

TVNZ 682000 (UHF channel 47, range 678Mhz to 686Mhz)

  • TV ONE (720p Upscaled)
  • TV TWO (720p Upscaled)
  • TVNZ 6 (576i SD)
  • TVNZ 7 (576i SD)
  • TVNZ Sports extra (576i SD)

Mediaworks 698000 (UHF channel 49, range 694Mhz to 702Mhz)

  • TV 3 (1080i)
  • C4 (576i SD)
  • TV3 PLUS 1

Kordia 706000 (UHF channel 50, range 702Mhz to 710Mhz)

  • PRIME (576i SD)
  • Parliament Tv (576i SD)
  • Maori Tv 4:3 with 16:9 flags (576i SD)
  • 3KSD
  • 4KSD
  • 5KSD
  • 6KSD
  • Tv Central
  • Radio NZ Concert
  • Radio NZ National
  • Freeview | HD

Technical Details

New Zealand DVB-T, DTT service operates in Bands IV/V between 502-806 MHz in 8 MHz channels. It uses the 8k FFT mode with 64 QAM modulation, a guard interval of 1/16 and an FEC of 3/4.


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