Statement of faith

So what do I hold to be true about God?

  1. God exists. This is obvious from the things visible in creation.
  2. God speaks to people both in the past and today. We have a true record of his past interactions with people in the Bible.
  3. Given points 1. and 2. anyone can gain true information about God and history from the Bible. Also, one can pray to God and He will hear us.
  4. God created the heavens and the earth and everything in them. That includes me and you too, dear reader.
  5. God created mankind good, but the first man exercised his free will to disobey God, “the fall”. This event caused separation between God and men, typified by physical death, and God’s curse upon creation.
  6. God is one God in three persons. Father,  Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit.
  7. Salvation from death is solely through faith in God. Abraham demonstrates this faith in God, in obedience to his will.
  8. Salvation from death is accomplished by: The death of Jesus on the cross in judgment for the sin of his Church. The resurrection of Jesus from the dead together with his Church. The Church is comprised of all those who have faith in Jesus as Lord.

So those are my brief points of faith. I have generalized and used few words, for the full story you should ask God and read the Bible for yourself.


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