A better New Zealand electoral system?

My suggestions to fix some “issues” with our current proportional system.

Issue#1 – Parties can stack the top of the list to assuredly get their favourites into parliament. Notwithstanding how obnoxious they are to the voting public.

Issue#2 – List MPs voted in on the party vote can end up voting against party policy.

Issue#3 – Voters cannot vote for who they want, because the 5% threshold is too high.

1. Remove list MPs, with the sole exception of the party leader. The party vote over and above the number of MPs actually elected would be given to the leader of the party.  So if National gets enough votes for 50 MPs, and 45 are elected, including the leader, then the National Leader has his own vote plus 5 “party” votes in parliament. What about an extreme case, where a party garnered 20% of the party vote, but no electorate seats in a 100 seat parliament? In this case there would be 101 MPs, with the party leader having 25 votes in parliament.

2. Remove the 5% threshold. If a party gets enough votes for one MP, the party leader gets in.


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