Who to vote for in 2008?

Act? An OK choice, but the worldview that sees corporations as moral entities is a bit silly.

Greens? Sue Bradford? Environmental achievements such as the anti-smacking bill and civil unions? No.

Family? An unashamedly Christian party. Mangere vs the 5% threshold. The heart choice.

Kiwi? Support Gordon Copeland? The schismatic slayer of the “single christian party”? No.

Labour? Can you be born again and still vote for Helen Clark and her crew? Yes, but Nooooo!!!

Maori? A legislated race based party? No.

National? Better by far than Labour, but still secular. A good choice as the safe vote against Labour.

New Zealand First? A better voting record, shame about the Peters circus. You could do worse.

Progressive? Too close to Labour. No.

United Future? The Treasurer, Mr Dunn, who voted with Labour against the nation and his own party’s policy to pass the Anti-smacking bill. No.

National or the Family party? Hmmmm.


2 Responses to “Who to vote for in 2008?”

  1. theboybiggles Says:

    Hi. I love your blog! I’m right with you. I’ve got no time for the Kiwi Party and their $15 minimum wage, and their superior attitude towards efforts to create a single, unified Christian-values party for this election.

    You know Wally? You must be based in Christchurch – I am 🙂

    I’ll add your blog to the “Who says” on the Don’t Vote Labour website.

    Regards, Andy

  2. dale77 Says:

    Thanks Andy. I am indeed based in Christchurch, and Wally is my pastor. I was going to say “vicar”, but that would be more anglican than I am 😉

    Good on you for “Don’t vote Labour”.

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