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Save their lives

October 10, 2008

Christian parents have a special stake in this controversy, because the Bible speaks so directly to the use of corporal punishment and the necessity of disciplining disobedient children.  Furthermore, Christian parents should feel a shiver go down the spine when the United Nations is invoked as the moral authority.

Mohler on the American facet of the worldwide push to criminalize discipline.

Do not withhold discipline from a child; if you punish him with the rod, he will not die. Punish him with the rod and save his soul from death. Proverbs 23:13-14


A better New Zealand electoral system?

October 5, 2008

My suggestions to fix some “issues” with our current proportional system.

Issue#1 – Parties can stack the top of the list to assuredly get their favourites into parliament. Notwithstanding how obnoxious they are to the voting public.

Issue#2 – List MPs voted in on the party vote can end up voting against party policy.

Issue#3 – Voters cannot vote for who they want, because the 5% threshold is too high.

1. Remove list MPs, with the sole exception of the party leader. The party vote over and above the number of MPs actually elected would be given to the leader of the party.  So if National gets enough votes for 50 MPs, and 45 are elected, including the leader, then the National Leader has his own vote plus 5 “party” votes in parliament. What about an extreme case, where a party garnered 20% of the party vote, but no electorate seats in a 100 seat parliament? In this case there would be 101 MPs, with the party leader having 25 votes in parliament.

2. Remove the 5% threshold. If a party gets enough votes for one MP, the party leader gets in.

Who to vote for in 2008?

October 3, 2008

Act? An OK choice, but the worldview that sees corporations as moral entities is a bit silly.

Greens? Sue Bradford? Environmental achievements such as the anti-smacking bill and civil unions? No.

Family? An unashamedly Christian party. Mangere vs the 5% threshold. The heart choice.

Kiwi? Support Gordon Copeland? The schismatic slayer of the “single christian party”? No.

Labour? Can you be born again and still vote for Helen Clark and her crew? Yes, but Nooooo!!!

Maori? A legislated race based party? No.

National? Better by far than Labour, but still secular. A good choice as the safe vote against Labour.

New Zealand First? A better voting record, shame about the Peters circus. You could do worse.

Progressive? Too close to Labour. No.

United Future? The Treasurer, Mr Dunn, who voted with Labour against the nation and his own party’s policy to pass the Anti-smacking bill. No.

National or the Family party? Hmmmm.

Value your vote

October 3, 2008

You can see how the various parties voted on various issues.

Family Party Conference

October 3, 2008

Speeches by Richard Lewis

We’re a rugby mad nation. So I want to use rugby to illustrate my next point.

Whenever things get untidy and out of control, it’s best to come back to the game plan and do the basics right.
At the General Election in exactly six weeks from today, we have a chance to do exactly that. We’ll get a breather for a moment but then we’ll have to put a team back out onto the field.

And here’s where it gets exciting folks. You are the head coach and you get to pick the team. But just remember, you will be stuck with that team for the next three years. And there’s no rotation policy.

So lets look at some options.

The Greens don’t play rugby so they’re out.

We can’t put Labour back on the field because they’re primarily responsible for the mess we’re in, in the first place. They need a season on the bench to have a good hard look at their attitude.

Barring major injuries, National will more than likely take the field. But on their own they won’t have the numbers for a full compliment. That is the political reality.

We’re still uncertain about what game plan National has in mind, and whether it is really any different to Labours besides having different coloured jerseys. So we need an insurance policy.

Winston is out because National won’t throw him the ball. And even if they did, he’d likely tuck it up his jersey and deny he received it in the first place.

Rodney will likely take the field and that’s good because every team needs a right-winger: just not a whole team of them.

Peter Dunne will likely be there because he’ll basically do whatever it takes just to be there.

The Maori Party is also an option. The problem for National however is the risk that the Maori Party will decide part way through that they want to play League instead. National won’t play League.

and Paul Adams

So don’t let anyone fool you into thinking that the Christian vote has no meaning or that Christians cannot affect change in this country or that Christians should keep Christianity out of politics. It’s a lot of rubbish. Don’t you believe them for one second.