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Religion and the death penalty

January 31, 2008

An insightful article by Walter Berns.

Whatever the reason, there is surely a connection between the death penalty and religious belief.

Indeed, the divine instruction is founded on the knowledge of God:

Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed; for in the image of God has God made man.

Genesis 9:6

Berns goes on to link belief in the death penalty to a heart passionate for justice:

Punishment has its origins in the demand for justice, and justice is demanded by angry, morally indignant men, men who are angry when someone else is robbed, raped, or murdered, men utterly unlike Camus’s Meursault. This anger is an expression of their caring, and the just society needs citizens who care for each other, and for the community of which they are parts. One of the purposes of punishment, particularly capital punishment, is to recognize the legitimacy of that righteous anger and to satisfy and thereby to reward it. In this way, the death penalty, when duly or deliberately imposed, serves to strengthen the moral sentiments required by a self-governing community.


Sacrificing to demons

January 30, 2008

John Piper on abortion and sacrificing to demons

Abortion is…

the sacrificing of our sons and daughters to demons. And someday we will see this. And we will be as amazed that it could have endured so long as we are that the enslavement of Africans lasted as long as it did. The issue is just as clear as that one was. And we are just as blind today as they were then. The big difference is that the babies can’t run away. The underground railroad is entirely dependent on you, not them.

KDE4 Review

January 22, 2008

An excellent KDE4 review by Ars Technica. The upshot is that KDE4.0 is very much a work in progress, usable as a desktop, but lacking many features.


January 12, 2008

The new linux desktop has been released today. Coming soon to a desktop near you.