Parenting with flashing lights

Ah, anti-smacking legislation. Be very afraid. A real-life report from an ordinary kiwi mum.

I tried to take control of X and pull the child off the tramp, while the child was shouting and resisting. I smacked X on the backside with the palm of my hand (X was lying on their stomach), pulled X towards me and asked X to control themselves. Finally X came inside and went to the bedroom. I told X to stay there until they apologised. Within 20mins, there were three police officers at my door and they asked me to step outside. (they had arrived with lights flashing). They had received a complaint from a neighbour about an incident concerning one of my children.

I asked the officer, if this was the second visit here and the events were the same, except this time I didn’t smack the backside but simply pulled the child off the tramp, would I still be arrested? She replied yes, because I still used physical force and that under the new law no parent is allowed to use any physical force, unless you are protecting your child.

Hmmm. With this sort of politically correct nonsense happening to ordinary parents I wonder if I can actually vote for anyone dumb enough to vote for this superb piece of legislation. That would narrow the field quite a bit.


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