Family or future?

It won’t be Future New Zealand and The Family party together, as Gordon Copeland has named a united Christian party a failure. The failure seems to be wholly on his part however. Copeland’s pique and arrogance seems to be the reason for the failure. It is deeply disappointing to me that Christians will not have a united Christian voice in politics. It is obvious that Christians within Labour and National are ineffective. Take the anti-smacking bill lately passed into law for example. In that case no Labour member had any freedom to vote their Christian conscience. Exhibit B, the prostitution law reform bill, passed into law on the mysterious abstention of a Labour “man of religion” the muslim Ashraf Choudhary. John Key of National voted with Labour to pass through the anti-smacking legislation, with the insane rider that police have the discretion not to prosecute law-breakers where the results of the discipline offending are inconsequential.

Sure, the 5% threshold that the major parties use to protect their monopoly on power is quite an obstacle, but philosophically focussed parties such as the Greens and Maori have been successful. A Christian Coalition also came very close to representation; representation for the Christian worldview in our leadership is possible. The result of the hegemony of Labour and National has been civil unions, legalized prostitution and the criminalization of discipline. Is that the fruit of Christians in the major parties?

Unfortunately Gordon Copeland’s behaviour in the “single Christian political vehicle” debacle has been so atrocious from a Christian standpoint that it borders on the farcical, a fact that does not escape secular commentators.

Positively, Richard Lewis has come through this storm of ridiculous antics with a lot of credit. I also have a lot of time for Family Party co-leader Paul Adams, from the little I have heard from him over the years. Perhaps there’s some hope yet. The idealist in me would hate to have to vote National again.


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