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Is christianity good for the world?

May 28, 2007

Of course it is. But then:

Theologian Douglas Wilson and atheist Christopher Hitchens, authors whose books are already part of a larger debate on whether religion is pernicious, agreed to discuss their views on whether Christianity itself has benefited the world.

Read the debate on Christianity Today. Here’s a provocative snippet from Douglas Wilson:

You say that you cannot believe that Christ’s death on the Cross was salvation for the world because the idea is absurd. I have shown in various ways that absurdity has not been a disqualifier for any number of your current beliefs. You praise reason to the heights, yet will not give reasons for your strident and inflexible moral judgments, or why you have arbitrarily dubbed certain chemical processes “rational argument.” That’s absurd right now, and yet there you are, holding it. So for you to refuse to accept Christ because it is absurd is like a man at one end of the pool refusing to move to the other end because he might get wet. Given your premises, you will have to come up with a different reason for rejecting Christ as you do.

But for you to make this move would reveal the two fundamental tenets of true atheism. One: There is no God. Two: I hate Him.


Java AND Python

May 21, 2007

What could be nicer? Jython 2.2 is one step closer.

Ray Comfort versus Rational Response Squad

May 13, 2007

Does God exist? Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort debate the atheists. Check out the debate.

On the abolition of reasonable force

May 12, 2007

David Round has some interesting things to say on the “Rule of Law” and the recent amendment and probable passing of the anti-smacking bill. Basically the amendment specifies that police have discretion not to prosecute a breach of the law, where the breach is “inconsequential” in their eyes.

Discretion is the enemy of law. Dicey said that the Rule of Law means, in the first place, an absence of arbitrary or discretionary power. We should be punished for clear breaches of defined laws, and nothing else.

I think he overstates the case that “the lightest touch of a child will be an assault” as it certainly isn’t true that the lightest touch of an adult is an assault today. But I think his comments on law are bang on.

Genesis and Christian doctrine

May 12, 2007

Just how related is Genesis to new testament Christian doctrine? Creation on the web have an interesting article on the topic. I have written my own study which touches on how the events of Genesis 2 prefigure the last days.

Who doesn’t believe in evolution?

May 6, 2007

Of the ten republican US presidential candidates, that would be:

Mike Huckabee, Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas and Representative Tom Tancredo of Colorado — raised their hands to signal that they did not believe in evolution.

Those men have some courage to deny the secular faith in such a forum.

Chuck Colson – A Baby’s Interrupting Cry

May 1, 2007

Chuck has some interesting comments on the recent decision by the US supreme court to uphold a ban on “partial birth abortion”.