Chuck Missler in Christchurch

I went to see Chuck Missler at the James Hay Theatre in Christchurch last night. We saw the end of his first session, and saw the entire second session.

I enjoyed his ending of the first session. He basically went through a long list of the attributes of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Jesus. It was very stirring to think on his majesty. His second session was a little fragmented for my liking. Chuck is a great bible-believer, who takes his bible seriously, even literally. He is always concerned that perhaps we don’t take the bible literally enough. From his talk:

  • Watch Babylon in Iraq for the literal fulfilment of prophecy about Babylon in Isaiah 13,14; Jeremiah 50,51; Revelation 17,18
  • He is concerned about anti-semitism in the mainline church. He brought forth the example of the shift of Easter from being anchored to the Passover as an example.
  • He believes God is rising up new wine in new wineskins in cell groups/home churches, and thinks that the persecution of the true church could come from the mainline denominations.
  • His visit was sponsored by Calvary chapel

I like Chuck, but it does cause me some heartache when he makes such statements of opposition to Christ’s people from the visible church. If he is wrong then he is slandering the church, if he is right the “church” is persecuting Christ. I reckon both could be true to a degree, not all who call him Lord are His, but on the other hand there are some in the mainline who are His.


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