Mapping *special* keys in KDE

For my purposes I used a utility “xev” run from a command shell. Then whatever happens to that window is echoed to the console… So, if you press a key in the window the console reports what key was pressed. In some cases a single physical keypress can resolve to multiple chars, I have a key that sends ctrl/alt/e which I have mapped to kspread.

Then, you can create a file called  .Xmodmap under ~ containing stuff like:

keycode 234 = F13

Where 234 is the value presented by whatever you saw associated with the key press, and F13 is the key you want it mapped to.

Then in KDE you do “xmodmap ~/.Xmodmap” and use control center keyboard shortcuts to map F13 to whatever you want….

Finally you create a script in ~/.kde/Autostart to run the xmodmap command on kde startup:

xmodmap ~/.Xmodmap


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