Warlords 2 under Linux with QEMU

Here’s how I got the old DOS game, Warlords 2 to run under linux.

I create an image in raw format so that I can use mtools to copy files to the image
$ qemu-img create -f raw c.img 1G
Insert a dos system disk into drive A
Boot the dos system disk in qemu
$ qemu -fda /dev/fd0 -hda c.img -boot a
Run fdisk from the dos system disk and create a partition on drive C
Boot the system disk in qemu again
$ qemu -fda /dev/fd0 -hda c.img -boot a
format drive C: from the system disk and make it bootable
a:\>format c:
a:\>sys c:
copy useful files from the system disk to the image
a:\>copy *.* c:
Modify c:\config.sys and c:\autoexec.bat as appropriate
Trial boot qemu from the image
$ qemu -hda c.img -fda /dev/fd0 -m 16
Create an mtools config file pointing to our image
# joe /etc/mtools.conf
drive h: file=”/var/local/img/c.img” partition=1
# mtoolstest

drive H:
#fn=2 mode=0 defined in /etc/mtools.conf
file=”/var/local/img/c.img” fat_bits=0
tracks=0 heads=0 sectors=0 hidden=0

Copy the Warlords 2 game files from the installed game to the image
$ cd /mnt/dos/WARLORD2
$ mcd h:
$ mcd WARLORD2
$ mcopy -s * h:


One Response to “Warlords 2 under Linux with QEMU”

  1. frenzie Says:

    I realize that this is quite an old entry, but wouldn’t it be easier to run it in DOSbox? Warlords II Deluxe runs fine in it for me.

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